Human Capital Management

Human capital is one of the most valuable assets in today’s economy. Managing this asset requires sophisticated data based solutions. We can gather data that will power these solutions

Need a custom HCM solution?

Human Capital Management addresses your most valuable asset that you don’t own and can walk out of the door anytime

Manage existing people

Managing people takes up a significant effort in every organization. Augment this massively expensive activity with data. Identify issues proactively without waiting for adverse events to happen. Optimize your efforts and spend on areas that yield the most benefit

Find new people

Find exceptional people or people who are a perfect fit for the job. Manage ongoing attrition by identifying and maintaining a high quality people pipeline. Plan ahead for growth and expansions. Hire great talent that would otherwise go to your competition

We create multi-faceted custom solutions to address complex problems that cannot be solved using off-the-shelf products​

Do you have the right people

Monitor the capabilities of your own people using actionable data. Find people who can do more and work more efficiently. Identify inefficient people and organizational structures

Are they happy and motivated

Keep a pulse on your employees happiness and motivation. Use online data to augment gut feel, internal surveys and measurement methods and get the true story

Are they productive

Match data from various sources, internal, external, public and data from your competitors to identify areas of increasing productivity and maximize output in a balanced manner

Data plays a critical role in managing Human Capital

Are they looking for jobs

While you try to hire new people, you want to ensure the high-quality people you have today don’t leave. Keep a pulse on their dissatisfaction

Are your competitors targeting your employees

Are the job listings and advertisements targeting your employees, your locations and your skill sets

Who are your competitors hiring

What skill sets are they hiring to identify areas of expansion, what are their expansion plans based on the job listing locations. Keep track to stay ahead of them