Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence helps businesses make intelligent decisions. We can provide you locations of competitors, help identify potentially untapped markets, find the nearest source of raw materials and provide insights based on current and historical location data to help make better decisions to improve your business.

We constantly gather and update millions of verified Points Of Interest (POI) data to power Location Intelligence. We enrich this data and provide a unique dataset that other POI vendors are unable to provide.

Examples of Location Intelligence Data

Restaurant Data

Collect data from competitors, business listing and real estate websites to decide whether your new outlet should be near a residential area, corporate area, or close to a market to reduce supply chain costs and time.

Hotel Data

Gather data from hotel and OTA websites such as number of rooms and amenities or decide whether to focus on tourist or the corporate clientele by monitoring room availability at different times of the year.

Retailers Data

Monitor retail locations to find new locations to expand your business. Identify areas that are growing or shrinking. Make decisions based on data about increasing or decreasing foot traffic.

Franchising Data

Track rival franchisees across various sources and stay updated about their expansion and closures plans.

Warehouse Management

Gather population, transportation and resources data from public domains to decide between centralized or decentralized warehousing.

Marketing Data

Analyze road, traffic and demographic data to find the perfect spot to target the right audience.

These are just some examples of location intelligence data that we can provide, there are countless other sources of custom data that we can gather just for you. We can combine all this data with geo coordinate based points of interest to provide custom solutions that are not available from traditional POI vendors.